Ben first picked up the guitar 14 years ago after hearing his favourite rock bands and wanting to play along. He developed a huge enthusiasm for all things guitar which resulted in him writing/playing with local bands in his mid teens then onto a Music Performance course at Stratford upon Avon College. Ben was consistently among top performers and after graduation commenced on a career performing across the country with many touring artists.

I’ve been teaching for the last 7 years, with students ranging from 5 yr olds learning to play their new christmas presents to 65 yr olds starting because they never had time before. My passion for guitar and music definitely rubs off on my students, culminating in the live showcases I put on several times a year. This enables the students to play with our live band giving them that first taste of live performance, an excellent chance for family and friends to see their progress and have a party!


Ben also has a wealth of experience across the West Midlands delivering GCSE music tuition, as well 1 on 1 tuition tailored to your musical taste