Guitar exams are a fantastic way of gaining internationally recognised qualifications. Both RGT and Rockschool offer a well structured and fully comprehensive method of studying electric, classical and even acoustic guitar. Each book covers all the material needed for each level of examination. Aswell as chords and scales, you will be able to gain an insight into the theory of music and a practical insight into guitar playing.

Amazingly, UCAS points can be gained from grade 6 to grade 8, which is a great way of boosting a students University prospects.

Grade 6 = 25-45 points
Grade 7 = 40-60 points
Grade 8 = 55-75 points

Even if you do not intend on taking an examination, following graded books will help you to:

  • Develop all aspects of your guitar playing
  • Increase your knowledge of specialist electric guitar techniques
  • Understand the music theory that relates to guitar playing
  • Achieve your full potential as a guitarist
Guitar Pro 6: chord diagram, digital tuner, guiitar fretboard