Helen has been learning to play guitar with me for 3 years now. Having performed at two concerts with me in front of a total of 700 people, it is clear that she is passionate about playing her instrument and is keen to progress. As well as live performances, Helen has achieved high pass marks in graded acoustic exams from grade 1-3.
Room for improvement
With the aim to progress to grade 6 so that she can earn UCAS points from her guitar examinations (a valuable asset to be gained from simply playing the instrument you enjoy) Helen’s attentions also turned to college course selection. A gap in her ability became apparent because she needs to be able to sight read music on guitar. And so we began to put this in to action immediately.
Instead of starting from scratch, and risking the lessons becoming too easy and mundane, I wanted to keep Helen playing at the same level but also start to understand the basics of music theory when reading standard notation.
End result
The next stage for Helen will be to work through graded exam papers to consolidate her knowledge of scales/keys and theory. With the next stage in her performance exams being grade 4, we could try to bring her theory and sight reading up to the same level, with the possibility of adding in some interesting classical pieces to improve her technical ability on the guitar as well as broaden her repertoire.